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People looked down on her because of pre-shippuden, now they assume she stayed the same or something I don’t know either. I mean…just wtf. -____-

 well… they just should watch shippuden lol because i think the classic is already over… am i right or? but even people who “watch shippuden” keep saying these bad things about sakura and i just can’t understand if she cries she is useless and weak… BUT HEY LET’S JUST IGnore the fact that a lot of characters would be dead if sakura wasn’t the AMAZINg gurl that she is. ok let’s just ignore the fact that she together with chiyo defeat sasori yeah let’s just do this

  1. nicoletteleigh said: Sakura is amazing is the new series but in the original Naruto she was pretty useless. She barely helped in any battle and she just cried a lot. I hated her at first but now that she is a student of Tsunade she’s turned into an awesome character.
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