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Sakura is amazing is the new series but in the original Naruto she was pretty useless. She barely helped in any battle and she just cried a lot. I hated her at first but now that she is a student of Tsunade she’s turned into an awesome character.

  i understand this, even when i always loved sakura since the classic, that’s funny because people used to hate sakura and gaara with a passion LOL and i always liked these two even when one just cried and other… well… he just killed a lot of people and he was really okay with that (shhh that’s okay i understand u!1) And now sakura is basically tsunade 2.0 and gaara is the kazekage lol and everybody love them (ok… not even everybody likes sakura well…) I ALWAYS… WIll love them no matter wut ;A; ok, so basically sakura is awesome and perfect and powerful, people hate her for no reason u_u

  1. nicoletteleigh said: Haha, I feel you on Gaara, I always loved him even when he was creepy and just wanted to kill people. And I mean Sakura was alright I think I was just a little annoyed that at first the series didn’t really have a strong female character.
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